LeeLoo Girl #005


Drawn LeeLoo girl and BMB SpaceKid in an exclusive version of the popular cover waiting for owner.
Author: BMB SpaceKid
1280 x 1280 px IMAGE (0.33 MB)
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    Feb 19, 2022 - 01:51pm
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BMB SpaceKid
BMB SpaceKid - One of the most innovative producer on the experimental beats and EDM music scene of the last decade. BMB has the knack of fusing a variety of sounds to create a unique piece of music that appeals to a wide audience. BMB also touring around the world and performance on the biggest venues like OutLook Festival in Croatia and podcasts like it was on BOILER ROOM. His biggest accolade to date has come in the form being a co-producer with Dj Premier on Anderson Paak’s ''Animals'' track for ''Compton'' album by Dr. Dre. Releases on: The FullHundred /SONY Music| RAM Records|SOULECTION| FatBeats | DigiCreates | BOILER ROOM Official works with: Anderson Paak, Soulection, Illa J, Dr.Dre, DJ Premier, Sunni Colon, GoldLink, Evil Needle, The Wilkinson, White Punk, Kizaru, Mayot, Feduk, Platina, Lizer and more... Twitter: https://twitter.com/BMBSpacekid instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bmbspacekid
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