HEARTY is a collection of 999 unique NFTs. Each Hearty is a unique character in the Hearty meta universe, where hearts have replaced humans and rule the world.
Inspired by pop culture, anime, and cryptocurrencies, Hearty NFT is a project run by me lilbreakyheart that turns ordinary people's interests and hobbies into cute, trendy NFTs. Stand out in the meta universe with a heart of your own! PICK A LIFE OF THE HEART!
Author: lilbreakyheart
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    May 10, 2022 - 09:44pm
Hi, my name is lilbreakyheart. The mascots of my style are the two characters hearty and Breaky, two radically different hearts. The first one is a more soulful and understanding person, and the second one on the contrary is stale and narcissistic. You can understand their history and character in my profile. As for my works, they are based on fiction and fantasy. I prefer to draw different musicians, mainly hip-hop or rap. I immerse my characters in a storytelling atmosphere and create my art that way. That's how I can tell briefly about myself. Love and kisses to everyone )
  • How to buy NFT?

    You should tap the Buy button on the page of the item and proceed to the transaction. When you have completed the step, the NFT will be sent directly to your digital wallet. At the same time, the seller party would receive the designated amount. If you deal with NFT auctions, choose the Make an Offer button, make a bid, and proceed to confirm the deal. Once some individual has placed a greater bid, the unlocking of funds will take place. Making a new bid will grant you access to another auction.

  • What is a non-fungible token (NFT)?

    NFT is a non-fungible token. If you are the owner of NFT work, nobody may steal, copy or change it. This token is unique. Besides, these works have specific personal data, and this information is always under security.

  • What is Binance NFT Marketplace?


    One of the most broadly renowned NFT marketplace uniting authors and creators together with crypto-crazy enthusiasts, Binance stands out over the most competition in the field, providing services for creating and selling crypto art. There are three directions pursued by Binance, where you can buy unique NFTs made by the world-famous creators, get the opportunity to mint, purchase, and trade, and the Mystery Box, an opportunity to obtain unique NFTs for free.

  • What is GA (Google Authenticator) and how do I use it?

    Typically, users must first install the app on their mobile device. In order to enter the site or use the services of the service, you need to enter a username and password, launch the Authenticator application and enter the generated one-time password in a special field.

    To do this, the site provides a shared secret key to the user, which must be stored in the Google Authenticator app. This secret key will be used for all future site logins. Thanks to this, your funds are protected.


    You can download the app from App Spore or Google Store.

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